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Mobile archives are designed for storage of documents and various light weight goods. Mobile archives are multi-section racks, each section can be fitted with metal doors - this turns every section of rack into separate metal cabinet. Archives are installed on rails and can be moved freely with the aid of the control wheel of mechanical drive. Mobile racks allow a more economic use of room space compared to stationary archives.
Mobile archives are delivered unassembled, all parts painted with powder gray paint (RAL7038).
The set usually includes 2 stationary racks, which are installed near opposite walls, and a few mobile racks, which are installed and can be moved freely between the stationary ones.
Racks can have 2 to 6 sections, a bit more than 1000mm wide, and 2290mm (6 sections) and 2625mm (7 sections) high.
Mobile cabinets have double depth and stopping device. Stationary cabinets have single depth (1 tiers of shelves).
Safe load of 1 shelve is 60kg, of one rack section - no 500 kg. Shelves have adjustable height with 25mm pace.
Additional features can include shelves separators, device against overturning, restrictor shelves, pockets for registries.
Rails can feature guides for entry-exit or raised floor.

"ARA" SRL designs mobile archives disposition projects, provides delivery of joints and accessories, installs mobile archives and also provides warranty and post-warranty services.

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