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HARDROCK doors series durability is indeed comparable to hardness of a heavy cliff rock. The design of the protective door slabs is based on results of testing, made by "ICECON" S.A.  test center (Bucharest). The doors are designed for protection against unauthorized access to bank vaults and special-purpose rooms.


  • Protective door slabs are filled with composite armored concrete.
  • Depending on thickness of protective door slabs, HARDROCK doors correspond 1,2,3,4 and 5 resistance to burglary class according to ГОСТ Р 50862-2005.
  • Doors of 1, 2 and 3 class are serial production, and have protective door slabs 30, 40 and 65 mm thick accordingly.
  • Locking mechanisms are blocked with German, Swiss and American  safe locks - key, combinational and electronic - in any conjunction.
  • 1 and 2 class doors have 3-way locking mechanism and passive anti-removal bolt to prevent door removal if hinges are cut off.
  • 3,4 and 5 class doors are 4-way locking.
  • All doors have fuse device, it will block the locking mechanism with bolts retracted when the door is open.
  • 4-layer door and packing build protects from dangerous fire factors - high temperature, combustion products, high moisture.
  • External outline of door packing is made of thermal tape, which expands 5 times in volume if temperature rises higher than 150 C.
  • Internal rubber packing outline provides impermeability of protected room.
  • Keyholes of key locks are closed with movable curtains, which protect lock mechanisms from direct entry of combustion products.
  • Doors are painted with 2-component durable polyurethane enamels of various shades.


HR/1/30 HR/2/40 HR/3/65
1st class resistance to burglary 2nd class resistance to burglary 3rd-5th class resistance to burglary

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