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Bulgar resistant safes >> Grandsafe series features (ARASAFE)

  •  The body and doors have 2-wall design. The place between walls is filled with armored composite concrete. High durability and bending strength of filling in combination with viscosity provide high resistance to chipping, perforation, appearance of cracks as result of forceful blows.
  • Holes for attaching the safe to building structures.
  • 3-way locking system.
  • Locking bolts are 20x60mm
  • 7-8 locking bolts, depending on size of safe.
  • Passive anti-removal bolt.
  • Door thermal packing. Thermal tape is installed into special gap of the safe body. If the temperature rises to a dangerous level, the thermal packing expands in volume and stops heat transfer, also preventing combustion products and water from getting into safe.
  • Choice of locks. The design of the safe allows installment of one as well as two locks in any combination.
  • Removable shelves can be reinstalled in needed position.
  • Safe can be staffed with internal lockable security box.
  • Safe is painted with 2-component durable polyurethane paints of different shades.